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Good Property Investments has had a long standing winning record with acquiring and developing or re-developing properties.   Experience does matter.    Alan Johnson our Managing Director has an MBA from Emory University as well as an Engineering Degree from USF.   He and his husband Greg Arbutine have been successfully acquiring and developing property now since 1993.    We would love to talk to you about your ideas on property and see if there a potential fit there for a partnership.


Since 1993, Good Property Investments aka Alan Development Properties has been developing and procuring prime real property for long term investment.    We buy land and develop it from the ground up, or we also buy existing properties and fix them up.   We primarily buy for ourselves, but in recent years we have had our eye on larger developments and are now seeking more strategic partners and qualified investors.


It is our goal to steadily increase our long term real estate holdings by acquiring more properties.   We also want to maintain the stability of our existing holdings by carefully weighing and managing  the long term growth of every property. 

We also want to acquire more strategic business partners to come on board along with us and share in our good fortune in real estate development.    We want to take on larger projects and need more working capital in doing so.


It is a win win in that we achieve our larger goals which we can't do on our own by ourselves.    It is a win for any potential investor and strategic real estate partner to come on board with us and benefit greatly from our decades of a proven solid track record of success.


  • Commercial Plazas New or Existing

  • Townhomes Development

  • Apartment Homes Development

  • Creating Entire Home Communities​

  • Raising Capital for Real Estate​ Deals

  • Securing Bank and Investor Financing​

  • Government Financing from HUD​

  • Architectural Conceptulization​

  • Civil Engineering Concepts​

  • Landscaping Design Ideas planning

  • Long term holdings planning

  • Tax Reduction Optimization

  • Real Estate Branding and Image

  • Improving Rent Efficiency

  • Variance Review Strategy

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